Liltrails is run by @rajavel.sundar and @avantinatarajan .

Raj is a Engineer and Management professional by day, dad and storyteller to LilD round the clock. He has been in boarding school for over 14 years and has grown up with no gadgets and tech, just the basics to engage oneself and grow. Loves to write and share parenting hacks too. Avanti is an Edupreneur, Artist, Dancer and mum to LilD. She enjoys being around children and being toe-to-toe with them. She had a short stint at Teach for India teaching children and works with students continuously. Dira Paavai Rajavel (alias LilD) is our little one who keeps us going and getting us to continuously find new ways to spend quality time together, where we all learn.  Liltrails is our journey with LilD. We have been receiving questions on how we parent Dira, the books we read, when we started, etc.,. This would be a place where we can share some of that with you all.

It’s just our journey with LilD – where we share experiences and also get to learn from all. They may not be the best practices or the right method to go about, but what we do with our lil one.


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