Summer Solos ’24


Hybrid Solo Theatre Summer Camp for 5-18 year olds.
(22nd April to 16th June)


Crea-Play is dedicated to finding each child’s unique voice through theatre and storytelling. Summer Solos is a hybrid summer camp of 20 online sessions and 5 offline sessions that will lead to a public solo performance and giving your child the ability to be a published author all roled into one!


Intensive Program

Summer Solos is an intensive 20 session online + 5 offline across 8 weeks with every aspect of story creation and performance covered based on the child’s level.


Skill Development

Theatre and Storytelling techniques are deployed in the sessions in a personalized manner by professionals to improve confidence and communication skills.


Every Child Counts

The personalized training allows for each child to discover their voice and play to their strengths and overcoming weaknesses making every solo performance unique!




      *Please note that our weekend opening hours can be affected by scheduled Private Events.


      Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 6:00 pm

      Weekend: Open for Special Events
      +91 83444 11188

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