Stories & Puppets – Online Storytelling Event


Lil Trails presents Stories & Puppets – An online Storytelling Session with Storyteller Shreedevi Sunil.

One of the most popular types of folktales are the How and Why Stories. But, what is a how and why story? It’s a type of  folk tale that explains how or why something is the way it is today. Sometimes, it is called “pourquoi” which is French for “why.”
How the Elephant got his trunk?
How the rhino got his skin?
How the lion got his roar?
Why ants are found everywhere?
Explore some of these stories with your puppet friend The Talking Turtle & Storyteller Shreedevi Sunil.


SATURDAY • 24th July 2021
5:00 pm – 5:45 pm
Price : Rs. 250 • For Kids aged 4+

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