Krishna and his Friends – Online Storytelling & Art Event


Krishna. Govinda. Gopala. Kannaiah
He is playful, he is naughty. He can be brave and very strong. A being of many names, an entity of many charms. And above all.. .a dear dear friend!Join Janaki Sabesh on Sunday, the 29th August, at 5 pm  to hear stories about the many mischievous deeds performed by our favourite cowherd and his friends! Oh and that’s not all! We even have a wonderful art session by Avanti Natarajan, for you to be at your creative best.

So hide your butter up high and get ready for a fun filled Krishna Jayanthi with us!

SUNDAY • 29th August 2021
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Price : Rs. 350 • For Kids aged 4+

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