ALAI – Under the Waves


Calendar – Board Games – Post Card – Learning Card


The New Year Kit includes:

  • 13 Page Desktop Calendar
  • Under the Waves – Board Game
  • Pack of 4 Shells + 1 Dice
  • Crab Mail – Post Card
  • Under the Waves – Information Card


The Desktop Calendar features a page for every month with fun activities (Puzzles, Word Search, Art,…) at the back leaf for each month. The illustrations for the calendar have been illustrated by Avanti Natarajan and features a sea animal every month. The calendar raises the inquisitiveness in the child and encourages them to explore, ask questions and seek answers.


The board game is an extension of the calendar and one that makes everything under the Waves fun for the children. It features shells and placeholder coins and a hued dice to keep the game rolling.


The Information card has facts about the sea and what pollution causes to it while also encouraging an activity of identifying Bio-degradable from Non Bio-degradable.


Not to miss an opportunity to write to us, we have enclosed a post card for the child to write to us on what little contribution the lil one can make to make the ocean a safe place for the organisms. The written note will be featured on our website.

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Calendar – Board Games – Post Card – Learning Card


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